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About vKirirom

'vKirirom' is a new concept for enriching people's lives for the future.

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We aim to provide an atmosphere and location where people can enjoy their lives with the beauty of nature. We hope that Kirirom will be the best place for those who want to lead a slow yet elegant life on the mountains where they can workas well.

We hope Kirirom to be close to everyone - 'Kirirom for everyone'. Our goal is to bring vKirirom all around the world!

*Our priority*


In order to live in a mountain, we have to consider comfort and convenience in many aspects.

However, these are not the only areas that we want to attain. We also want to achieve a good quality life in a mountain.

Thus, we carefully designed a well-balanced modern place where people embark a slow but productive life.


Living in a mountain - it may sound far off from the city life and the business world, but our concept is to fuse business essentials with nature, which means we can access almost anything a civic has to offer.

We believe that if people get together to work and share much of their time and ideas, they will be more productive and innovative.

vKirirom gets on ideas to create new ideas.


vKirirom Pine Resort is beautifully situated on a plateau about 675m above sea level on top of Kirirom Mountain. We carefully think about the nature in order not to destroy the beautiful environment. As we proceed with our construction, we do not cut down many trees. Our policy is to only cut dying trees and trees with rust.

Moreover, we grow some fruits and vegetables organically, and are served at the restaurant.

We also try to reuse the natural resources. We produce our own charcoal from trees that were removed. Saw dust and food waste are used as compost.

We place importance on living with nature.

*The meaning of our logo*

In the logo of vKirirom - you will find 'v' in orange and 'Kirirom' in green. The orange colour represents the people who live in Kirirom. This is a colour of joy and creativity. It also reminds us of the robes monks wear in Cambodia. The green represents the nature and its beauty.


vKirirom Pine Resort is run by A2A Group.

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A2A Phnom Penh Office
A2A town (Cambodia) co, Ltd
#253,255 E0, Borey Bi Pup Tmey-Boeung Chhouk,
Road 2011 (Ouknhar Tri Heng Road), Street E, Khan Po Sen Chey, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
Tel : +(855) 78 777 384

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