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Modern Khmer restaurant on top of Kirirom Mountain

This restaurant is located 600m above sea level. What makes Pine View Kitchen distinctive, aside from the variety of good Khmer foods being served, is its unique naturalistic ambience. This restaurant is surrounded by lofty pine trees that make the sound of the wind soothing to the ears while you enjoy your meal. Our chef master prepares modem Khmer dishes cooked with fresh vegetables and fruits picked from our garden. The trees swaying in the wind let you feel fresh and leave you mesmerize. The greenery and Pine View Kitchen Restaurant are the best for your vacation and holidays. You can stop over for a cup of coffee or tea as you visit Kirirom National Park.

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Special Ingredients :

vKirirom resort has its own vegetable garden for special recipes. These organic vegetables make our dishes remarkably tastier than other foods.

Designed by Kirirom Institute of Technology